5 Secrets to Take Charge of Your Health at Any Age

find out Have you ever considered making a healthy change but quickly decided that it is too late? Fortunately, it is never too late to take charge of your health and see great benefits. You can learn new habits that can keep you healthy and help slow down the aging process. There are plenty of things that can add to your wellness and health—no matter your age. Here are X things that you can do today to take charge of your health.

#1 Fight Aging With A Healthy Diet

chat and dating iphone You are what you eat. A wholesome, nutrient-dense diet will do wonders for your body. Making small changes in your diet can yield big results. One diet that has been found to have anti-aging effects is the Mediterranean diet. Research has found that people who follow this diet have a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease as they age. Mediterranean diets are high in vegetables, fruits, olive oil, beans and nuts.

#2 Conquer Stress

hop over to this site Chronic stress contributes to a host of problems, including depression, anxiety and it can even affect your physical health.  Fortunately, it is easy to conquer worry by practicing mindfulness meditation. This ancient Buddhist relaxation technique has been found to help a variety of physical and mental conditions, including chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome and even cancer.  Practicing mindfulness techniques just minutes each day can help lower stress significantly, according to Scientific American. Mindfulness is easy to learn too. It merely involves spending a few hours of quiet reflection each week. During the meditation, you focus on being aware of the present moment and just pay attention to thoughts and feelings as they come and go. Here is an in-depth tutorial from Psychology Today on how to practice mindfulness.

#3 Get More Sleep

Research has consistently shown that not getting enough sleep is disastrous for both mental and physical health. Sleep helps your body repair itself. When you don’t get enough sleep, it affects your immunity and makes you more likely to get sick. Unfortunately, it can be impossible to get enough sleep if you suffer from insomnia. Sleep problems tend to increase with age. If you have trouble sleeping, it is essential to talk to your physician. Some physical problems, like sleep apnea, can severely impact the quality of your sleep. The good news is that there are treatments. Your doctor is the best resource for dealing with these issues.

#4 Be More Social

Numerous research studies have found that strong social networks are important to both mental and physical wellness. Researchers believe that social support has an indirect effect on physical health. People that have strong social support tend to take better care of their physical health—possibly due to encouragement from family and friends. So, focus on staying connected with positive social supports. You can also try joining local community centers and take part in events around your city or town. Another great way to increase social connections is to volunteer. Giving back to the community can also improve your mental well-being as helping others increases happiness.

#5 Head to the Gym

The health benefits of exercise and well-known. From a trimmer physique to stronger bones, there are countless reasons to get to the gym on a regular basis. What many seniors don’t realize is that many Medicare plans cover gym memberships through a program called SilverSneakers. This program helps older adults take control of their health by providing free membership access to any participating gym in the country. With SilverSneakers, you have access to all of the basic amenities of the participating gym, including group fitness classes and equipment for every level of fitness. Check with your Medicare plan to determine if you have this benefit.

For more tips on staying healthy, visit Illumina Medical Centers. For over 25 years, we have provided health and wellness treatment to Medicare patients. Our goal is to help you live the healthiest possible life today and in the future.