Dr. Carlos Perez MD

Dr. Carlos Perez MD

Medical Director

design namenda cost Dr. Carlos Perez is Illumina Healthcare’s system-wide Medical Director and leads the organization towards its goal of providing the highest quality care delivery, clinical strategy, clinical training, and clinical innovation. He spearheads the development and maintenance of care, implementation and management of all quality and care coordination programs, and directs the company’s overall clinical, quality, and physician training and integration efforts.  Dr. Perez routinely gives educational lectures to the community in the areas of general health care and management of chronic conditions.

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develop prednisone price As Medical Director, Dr. Perez sets clinical policies and procedures for the organization, provides physician oversight of clinical programs including disease management and ambulatory and complex case management, and helps design clinical initiatives that support healthy, independent aging. In addition to his medical department leadership role, Dr. Perez is a valuable contributor to and leader of many other health plan and medical center activities and initiatives.


start levaquin cost Prior to joining Illumina, Dr. Perez served successfully as Medical Director to other medical center organizations where he led efforts to reduce admissions and readmissions, optimized pharmacy utilization, worked with specialty and ancillary providers to manage costs and outcomes, and facilitated a fully integrated model of care for the organization’s managed care population.   Dr. Perez’s extensive experience in managed care and value-based health care as well as, his commitment to the community are assets to Illumina. He has proven to foster an environment of collaboration and change within the organization, that will drive the continued evolution of the Illumina Healthcare model of lighting the path to better health.